Being Mobile



Sixty eight, loving life, loving my job and loving being mobile ❤

I’m a New Zealander (we call ourselves Kiwis) and my children have given me the most beautiful grandchildren who live in Australia ❤

I have travelled much of New Zealand over the years but have never had the time to do it at my leisure because of family and employment commitments. In the last 15 years I have had some trips overseas and am now ready to explore  my own country in depth in my 2002 Ducato camper van. While I still work this is limited and carefully planned but I need to work to have my adventures (until the mortgage is paid off).
In 2016 I spent 4 weeks in the South Island with my friend Dasha, who lives in America, and in November I had another 4 weeks there on my own.
In March 2017 I travelled to Canberra to see my family and on to have a week in Melbourne.

I live in the North Island, about 90 minutes north of Wellington on the west coast. Life is good ❤

Carol McEwing-Anderson

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