Two nights at Ngongataha

I received a lovely welcome from the manager, he offered to park the Ducato on my reserved site, right next to the lake. I was grateful, I had yet to use reverse! I did have a moment of panic, as he plugged me into the power and nothing happened. “Oh no” I thought, “I’m here for two nights with no power”. I had the wisdom to suggest it may be an idea to try one of the other power points and, yes, I had power.Ro van

The lake was misty at first as it had been raining earlier. There were many scaups, black swans and ducks and  I enjoyed just sitting, door open, having coffee and reflecting on my first drive. I did OK. 🙂Ro cygnets

I could see the Sunday morning sunset would possibly be clear; I set my alarm, poked the camera out of the door, shut it and went back to sleep!!             Ro dawn

I spent my two days setting up house, becoming familiar with the Ducato and relaxing. I took two walks to the store, looked at people fishing, took lots of bird photos and did very little else.

Ro shag

Ro duck dance

I  recommend Willowhaven, great lakeside camp sites and reasonably priced motel/cabin style accommodation.

Ro Sun down



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