Being immobile, the continuing story!

15 October and the Ducato has yet to be painted, though it is ‘bogged’ and primed. Until today I haven’t pushed it;  I figure that there are lots of nice people with only one car who need their vehicles repaired before me. When I spoke to the Boss on Wednesday he said he would do his best to get it done by Friday. When he rang on Thursday night I weakened and said it was OK, I could wait until next week but I HAD to have it by Thursday, I have things to do before I go. I have booked it in for a service on 1 November (I leave on 5 November) and have been to look at and choose a decal for the sides.


They turned around, saw me coming and left! Am I scary 😉


I have problem with the pronunciation of “decal”.  It’s one of those words you immediately recognise when it’s written but rarely have the need to say! I  Googled it, of course, and got some audios to choose from – “dee kal” but in some there is emphasis on the “dee” in others on the “kal”. Then there was the “dek ul” option, especially if you are Canadian, it seems. I gave up and called it a sticker, until today. I went and saw the sign writer to choose one and learned it can be called a vinyl graphic. I’m comfortable with that.


I have chosen a pattern, picked out some colours, 3 shades of blue (surprised?) and the lovely guy will go and measure the Ducato,  magically change it to fit on the Ducato and email me a preview of three colour combinations for me to choose from. Seemingly the pattern was someone’s tattoo! I could have purchased one, ready to go, on the internet. I have no faith in my ability to apply it without getting wrinkles, breaking it or something equally as tragic.


I’ve also been thinking about the fridge, a 3 way gas, power and battery model. It’s far from new, 14 years old, like the Ducato. I’m not sure it runs properly on battery and I would never leave it on gas while I am driving. I had it looked at in March and the auto electrician said she had fixed it. I looked at new ones and was very surprised to learn they are $1700 plus $300 for a new gas certificate. It’s not going to happen.


I have already brought a reversing camera, an absolute necessity without Dasha being with me, and a small inverter. I also need 2 new house batteries. I have been to the auto electrician, who has been to visit the Ducato ‘in situ’ at the panel beaters and sorted it out for me. Everyone has been so helpful.


It’s been there a long, long time 😦 Spiders have taken up residence!



2 thoughts on “Being immobile, the continuing story!

  1. Oh I am getting so antsy to see the final result of our cabin on wheels. Sounds like you have most everything in order and are itching to go. I sure wish I was there with you! *sob* (That is “to cry” not son of a …..)


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