It’s back; I was preparing to go solo!

It was back and looking lovely, no dings or scrapes and the wide, black strips down each side have been removed. The front and back bumpers have been repainted and it looks (almost but not really) like new.


So with with a few days to spare before I went on my 4 week South Island expedition I had to get it set up and organised; I had removed most of the contents when it went be repaired.
While it had been away I had purchased quite a few (what I hoped would be) useful gadgets, some essentials (like gas monitors) a smaller heater and a whole bunch of useless junk, some of which I was hoping I would use. The majority was purchased very cheaply, through AliExpress.
I had to decide what was the minimum I needed in clothing to cover both warm and cool days and this is difficult for me. I have always overpacked but having minimal storage meant a whole rethink on what was essential.

My expedition, the blog aptly named “Going Solo”  was the first time I had been away for any considerable time in the camper van on my own. I wasn’t phased by that, I am perfectly happy in my own company and as I was staying in motor camps this time there would be people around if it needed  chat. I’m not ready yet to freedom camp, I quite like electricity, also quite like not having to empty the toilet cassette 😉 No, the reason is not feeling entirely safe in a locality I don’t know with people I don’t know. A motor camp offers that touch of security.

I’ve included links to my other blogs. They may be of use to anybody travelling the South Island. I have included paying locations for camper vans or caravan, places I think may be of interest and, in two blogs, my actual experiences and opinions of the places I went.

Planning where we may go in the South Island with my friend, Dasha, from California.

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